UCARE is a USA volunteer based charity, 501c3 registered, that raises funds to aid children living in vulnerable circumstances in Ukraine.



UCARE funds programs that enrich the lives of vulnerable children in Ukraine with hope, love and inspiration.   



UCARE prioritizes the following beneficiary groups: (any other….)

    • Children living under government care (e.g. institutions, orphanages, foster care)

  • Children of parents at war or parents lost at war

  • Internally displaced children

  • Alumni – youth transitioning to adulthood from one of the above 



UCARE funds Ukraine based not-for-profit agencies, groups and individuals that deliver programs which support the development of our beneficiary groups.

On February 24th, the unthinkable happened:  Russia invaded Ukraine.  The armies of Moscow have inflicted huge damage on Ukrainian cities and villages, bombing civilian and military targets alike, with no concern for human life or suffering.

Ukraine’s children have been attacked, physically and psychologically.  Their homes have been destroyed, they have been tormented by air raids, explosions, and death all around them. Many have been displaced, seeking refuge far from home, both within Ukraine and beyond her borders.

UCARE  is doing what we can to help our children.  Below are some of our actions.  We are holding a humanitarian aid drive in Detroit; other cities, we hope, will follow.  A GoFundMe has been set up.  And our group is always happy to take donations via our PayPal account.

Our colleagues in Kyiv are doing what they can, despite constant bombardment by Russian artillery and jets.  We pray for their safety.

Slava Ukrayini!

Heroyam Slava!

UCARE in Ukraine

UCARE does most of its work in Ukraine. We work closely with Priyateli Ditey and they have very kindly given us space within their offices. We also have a dedicated cadre of volunteers. Many of the volunteers are orphans who have completed their education with UCARE’s assistance, or who have attended camps with us in the past. Quite a few are current scholarship recipients and a number are our friends and relatives.